Spelled with a Z. Pronounced with a middle finger.

Like every good story, this one starts in an alley. With two men in love with barbering. Sotted in style. And drowning under the influences of rock ‘n roll, kustom culture and the working class ethic of Rotterdam.

Reuzel green, red, pink, and blue Pomades with shampoos, conditioners, andTonics
Reuzel Hair cut

What Is Reuzel?

  • Pomades – We’ve got your grease right here, men. Buy medium-hold pomades. Matte pomades. High-shine pomades. And high-hold pomade hair products so thick your wee little finger gets stuck in the tin.
  • Hair And Body – You got to live in that body. Take care of it. Reuzel’s got men’s hair care products, degreasing and exfoliating shampoos, male grooming kits and so forth. Tattoos, you’ll have to find elsewhere.
  • Shave And Beard – Got a face rug? Get to work, son. Reuzel’s beard care and shave products will get you smooth as a baby’s butt. Or use Reuzel beard balm and softening cream, and our beard foam to stop beardruff and keep your beard looking very nice indeed.
  • Fiber – The REUZEL Fiber Collection features all of our men’s hybrid styling products: Fiber Pomade, Fiber Gel, Clay Matte Pomade, Matte Styling Paste, Grooming Cream, and Matte Texture Powder.


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