The Blacklight lightening system is the key to navigating the complete spectrum of blondes effortlessly. Any blonde you can imagine is now attainable!

Blacklight’s technology offers vibrant blondes, while maintaining shiny, healthy and hydrated hair.

This comprehensive lightening system caters to all your needs, from sensitive scalp, to high performance, to colour correction and even home care!

Blacklight, simply brilliant!

Permanent Shine Hair Colour

The CALURA system is formulated with an innovative exothermic technology that was designed to maximize dye penetration and minimize hair damage. Each shade was formulated to generate a specific increase in temperature to achieve desired results. As a bonus, this heat allows a thorough penetration of the certified organic essences and keratin. The result is an incomparable radiant shine!

The CALURA exothermic system offers 3 primary benefits:

  1. Ultimate white coverage
  2. Up to 5 levels of lift
  3. Longer lasting fashion shades
  • 58 intermixable shades including 24 toners
  • Level 10 toners for better control
  • 2 developers; gel or cream consistency for more service optionS


The constant debate: Alkaline or Acidic demi permanent colour? Acidic demi-permanent hair colours have a pH below 7, tend to be gentler, produce shiny results, but fade quickly. Alkaline demi-permanent hair colours have a pH above 7, are stronger, produce less shine, do not fade as quickly but lift when you don’t want them too. 

Calura Gloss’ technology offers all the advantages of acidic and alkaline hair colours without any of their drawbacks! Calura Gloss features a gentle acid-balanced base buffered to an alkaline pH that works synergistically with acidic molecules, offering the best of both worlds. The result is unprecedented shine, conditioning and longer lasting deposit with zero lift, guaranteed! 

Our unique technology allows deep penetration of dyes, but also of our high-performance conditioning agents. Offering long term conditioning and shine.


Define Funky: fashionable in an unusual and noticeable way.

Define Hue: a degree of lightness, darkness, strength of a colour.

Combine them to get a fun and fierce line of semi-permanent hair colour!

Exclusive Technology that prevents Excessive Bleeding, Staining and Fading
No Developer required
13 Intermixable Shades = Endless Creative Possibilities
Vibrant results up to 12 Shampoos 



Strengthen • Protect • Detoxify • Repair
Quadraplex is the most complete system of its category. It was created to offer the following 4 essential benefits to your hair: it strengthens, protects, detoxifies and repairs. Quadraplex should now be an integral part of your colour and lightening services and can also be used as a standalone treatment for long lasting results.

Combined with a home care regimen, Quadraplex will not only prevent hair damage and breakage but also ensure healthier, stronger, shinier and more beautiful hair.