Rethink the way you color hair with the incredible product lineup from Megix 10. This brand has developed a unique Spectrum Technology that develops permanent hair color and complete gray coverage in a fraction of the time stylists and clients are accustomed to. In fact, Megix 10 makes it possible to get a salon-quality color treatment in just 10 minutes. That lightning-fast time is an incredibly attractive benefit that allows stylists to book more appointments per day and brings in clients who need something that fits their busy schedule.

Despite the rapid speed of each treatment, Megix 10 color-treatment products consistently produce vibrant, long-lasting color. The base and copulants are able to bond quickly, and the micro pigments develop at a faster rate. With a vast array of shades from which to chose and a simple application process, Megix 10 hair-coloring products are a must-have for building your salon business.

why is it different to traditional hair colors?

As opposed to traditional hair color, megix|10 with “Spectrum Technology”, processes in only 10 minutes.
The base and the copulants in megix|10 need an processing inferior time to bond together and develop a permanent hair color.
Undergoing years of research and thousands of tests to find the perfect combination of micro pigments that had a predisposition to developing at a faster rate, guaranteeing exceptional coverage and vibrant shades with long lasting hold.

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