Professional hair coloring meets affordable luxury in this product line from JKS International. This brand’s Italian cream color features the finest ingredients and a carefully developed formula made for use in professional settings. Stylists and clients alike appreciate the ability of JKS International hair-coloring products to provide 100 percent gray coverage and added shine.

These cream colors enrich the hair with antioxidants to leave it healthy and strong after the treatment is complete. The molecules deliver better color penetration while also helping to restore and protect each strand. JKS International color treatments provide deep and lasting moisturization for silky-smooth hair and better styling results. The low-cost color tubes can be used for permanent, translucent, demi, semi and 98 percent ammonia-free hair coloring with a few simple adjustments to the mixing ratios and developer. Leave hair in a better condition than before coloring by using these products from JKS International.

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