One option is keratin hair building fibers (also named animal protein). Hair building fibers made from keratin are more static, causing a more binding cohesion with your actual hair. This of course, allows for thicker, fuller coverage that looks completely natural.

Fuzze uses 2nd generation technology to produce its hair building fibers. Our hair building fibers are scientifically formulated in micro size fibers which carry a homopolar negative ion with electronic charge. This helps the Fuzze fibers to merge and permanently adhere to your existing hair to hide any receding areas and provide dramatic density, volume and natural appearing coverage.

The main ingredients in our fibers are plant resinous fibers and keratin derivative fibers. The keratin derivative offers the benefits of keratin, without the disadvantages. So, that means no scalp itching or irritation. Basically, we’ve analyzed and researched all types of hair building fibers and have combined the two main options to get the best and most natural results.

No Bald Patches! No Thinning Hair Areas! Only Fuller and Thicker Hair!!

What’s more, Fuzze fibers are slimmer, longer and lighter, helping to create a stronger static absorption and better dispensability. Whether you’re male or female, young or mature, using our fibers will help you get full, thick, natural-looking hair.


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